African Food Security

Conference Topics

Natural resources Rpof. A.A.Derbala
Horticulture crops Prof. O.K. El-Abbasey
Field Crops Prof. A.A. El-Gamaal
Climate and environmental changes Prof. A.A.El-Baroudy
Animal production Prof. S.Salam
poultry production Prof. S.Shalash
Fisheries Prof. O. Kador
Plant protection Prof. I.Mosbah
Soil sciences Prof. M. Ibrahim
Agricultural engineering Prof. M. Abbas
Genetics Prof. M. Eldenary
Biotechnology Prof. Osama Ahmed Momtaz
Food technology Prof. M. Salam
Dairy Prof.M. Elsouda
Food safety Prof. L.Fouda
Life science Prof. A.M.Ahamed
African agricultural integration development Prof.A.M.El-Shaib
African agricultural investment Prof. M.Gaber
African human resources Prof.H.F.Elabiary
Role of international organizations and businessmen in sustainable agricultural development Prof. O.Badr
Institutional role in food security Prof.A. L.El-Said

Tanta university convention center,
Medical complex, Tanta, Egypt



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